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We know you lead busy lives and finding safe, age-appropriate videos can be difficult. With a LeadershipForKids.tv subscription, and a simple click of a button, your child will have access to all the leadership videos found on ElevateAtHome.com. Now these transformational videos can be viewed in the morning as a daily quiet time, in the grocery store, or even while you are cooking dinner.

Over the past year you gave feedback, and we listened. To support this streaming video approach, we have moved all the videos to LeadershipForKids.tv. It’s so much easier to access the videos, and you no longer have to download them to your computer! Purchasing is easier too! Instead of paying per video download, your monthly subscription of $3.99 will give you streaming access to ALL the videos!

Radio E Music is moving too! To make downloading easier for you and your child, you can find all the great Elevate music on iTunes, AmazonMP3, CDBaby.com, Rdio and many more!

With LeadershipForKids.tv your child can watch as many videos as they want, as many times as they want, on any computer or smart-device. It's important to note, you can still use your ElevateAtHome.com account to download the videos and music you purchased, until May 28th. At that time you will need to create a NEW account on LeadershipForKids.tv. Due to privacy laws, your account will not automatically switch. Don’t worry, we will send you a reminder email with the correct link. So take a few moments to download all of your products from My Downloads, and got to LeadershipForKids.tv to sign up today!


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God Will Keep His Promises!

From Ten Hut Kids Lesson 7

Leadership Trait

Faith: Great leaders have faith that God is in control of all things and that He will keep His promises to us.

Leadership Goal

Your children will learn that God always keeps His promises to us. However, sometimes we will have to wait on God.

Leadership Story

God keeps His promise to Caleb. (Joshua 14:6-15)

This download includes:
  • A Quicktime Leadership Video playable on smartphones, mp3 players, tablets and more!
  • Printable Child Leadership Questions and Family Review Activity.